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.pdf manipulator


Application allows users to upload PDFs with varying numbers of pages. Subsequently, the application automatically organizes each user's PDFs into separate folders, assigns unique identification numbers to each user, synchronizes PDF data with information in the database, and offers the option to insert blank pages within PDFs when needed. Finally, it generates an Excel file that facilitates data control and analysis.

Darko Dragić


Application is a combination of a personalized portfolio and a newsletter, offering owner a platform to showcase his projects. It also empowers the owner to easily add new content. Additionally, visitors have the option to subscribe to the newsletter, and subscription emails are sent along with notifications, ensuring they stay updated with your latest news and releases. Notably, the site is also accessible in three languages, enhancing its inclusivity and reach.

Custom Surveys


Application designed for creating, tracking, and analyzing complex surveys with great flexibility. With its diverse functionality, it allows users to define and customize different types of surveys according to their needs. The application is designed to support four different user types, each with their roles and permissions, ensuring efficient management and collaboration throughout the research process. I have set up the server and deployed the app on a dedicated server for seamless performance.

Bambus Petrol

Public - Restricted access

This is an application designed to facilitate quick and easy reservation management. It offers users a clear overview of existing reservations, allowing them to effortlessly input new bookings or edit existing ones. Furthermore, the application provides owners with analytical insights into operations, assisting them in better understanding performance and making informed decisions.



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